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    Best card I've ever pulled! 2012-13 upper deck

    Well after having a bunch of bad luck, not getting much in hockey except for a few decent rookies. I went to the card store yesterday. And spent $50 on upper deck 12-13 and a pack of certified. Got a few young guns but other wise nothing. Had a feeling today to go bak with only 25$. I am so happy I did. Got 10 packs of 12-13 upper deck from a new box....and I didn't even know what the card was at first. I thought It was just a normal insert. My jaw hit the floor when I found out.

    ...2012-13 upper deck day with the cup anze kopitar dc3. May not sound much but it's a super short print and only one on eBay between completed and current. Assuming it books around $300. Mine is up on eBay now cause I need to get my money back lol.

    this is the best card I have ever pulled believe it or not. I don't think I've ever pulled a card more than $80 before that was mine at least. Maybe my luck has magically changed

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    awesome hit! i got one of those in my box too, voynov.. was super happy, congrats
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    found out they run 1:1000 hobby packs. so about 1 in every 3-4 cases

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    Nice Anze Hit congrats
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    arguably the best player to hit from that set, you should do REALLY well to a person that wants it. I wouldnt be surprised if it goes for $200+

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    And that's something the card companies should take note of, one of the absolutely best hits in the whole product is an INSERT, not an auto, or gameused.

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    Desirable short print and rare insert sets sell. They have to be really limited and there has to be a reason for collectors to want them.
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    If it helps any, I sold my Day with the Cup Recchi from last year's UD for $150 in it's first week of release. That was a high sale at the time, don't think it ever came back that high.

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