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Thread: My chrome break FS

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    My chrome break FS

    alshon jefferey au /75 russel wilson redemption au jarius wright au luck refractor rc griffin rc #D eli /50 mike adams /99 mike wallace /499 ray rice /499 derrick wolfe /399 jarius wright /299 lavonte david /399 alshon jefferey /216 aaron corp /216 redzonediecut- t richardson, b pierce, mich egnew tallboys- russel wilson, tannehill, broyles, aj jenkins 84 - russel wilson, jarius wright, kendall wright, weeden, sanu, b pierce, david wilson, nick toon, robert turbin 54 57????- t richardson, weeden, stephen hill, rueb randle plus tons of rcs n vet refractors

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    just wanted to say, I got the lot in today- HOLY CRAP is there a lot of stuff here- I want to thank you for the great cards, and for taking away my entire weekend as I try and catalog these things!!!
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    Haha no problem...I always hook the people up on here who buy my lots...thx again

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    Price for the alshon, Wilson autos and the luck ref and rg3 works best

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    Is that the stuff listed above? If so how much. Looking for a lot of anything right now

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    dont need it but thanks for getting back with me

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