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Thread: 07-08 Fleer Box Break

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    07-08 Fleer Box Break

    Hadn't busted anything in a while wasn't really sold on any of the Panini products thus far, so I just picked this up on Amazon for $55. It says 4 GU or Auto per box on average and I pulled 4 GU and an Auto, so I busted the odds!

    Pretty much everything FT/FS except the LeBron retro and the Durant RC because I didn't have one yet.

    Durant Retro
    Conley regular and retro
    Noah regular and retro
    Horford regular and retro
    I got pretty much all the other notable RCs from the year as well if you need anyone

    LeBron Retro (PC)
    Iverson Retro
    V. Carter Retro
    Howard retro
    Kidd retro
    Patrick Ewing Maximum Metal from 95-96 (not really any value, but just love those cards!)


    Carmelo Anthony Feel the Game GU
    Aaron Gray NBA Classics RC GU
    Chris Richard NBA Classic RC GU
    Ronny Turiaf Autographics

    And, the hit of the box:
    Jordan GU.jpg
    Collecting LeBron James base, inserts, parallels, and GU!
    Also: Any current (priority) or former (Ilgauskas, Gibson, Varejao of particular interest) Cavs (Cavs uni only).

    Also interested in Nowitzki Patch/GU/Low #d and anything in an Ohio State Uniform (basketball/football).

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    Very nice Jordan!

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    Thanks guys!. it definitely saved the box for me. I already had the other 3 GU and the auto so I thought I was done with hits... Then I saw that beauty!

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