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    1x Box 10-11 Season Update & 10-11 Ultimate & 1 Case (15 Boxen) Limited

    1x Box 10-11 Ultimate:
    Base: Dominique Wilkins, Glen Rice, Anfernee Hardaway
    All-Time Draft Autographic 5/5 Darrell Griffith

    1x Box 10-11 Season Update:
    Base: complette
    Prestige RC: Semih Erden, Timofey Mozgov
    Rookie Challenge: Serge Ibaka, Gary Neal, Wesley Johson, Derrick Favors, Brandon Jennings, DeMar DeRozan
    All-Stars: C.Anthony, Pau Gasol, Chris Kaman, Jason Kidd, Kevin Durant, C.Billups, K.Garnett, D.Lee, Gerald Wallace, P.Pierce, Al Horford
    Silver /99: David Lee
    All-Stars Jersey: Amare Stoudamire, Derrick Rose
    Rookie Challenge Jersey /799: Brandon Jennings
    Green Week Jersey /799: Nicolas Batum
    Autographic /299: Marcus Thornton

    1x Case 10-11 Limited:

    Box 1:
    Base /199: Dwight Howard
    Legend Spotlight /149: Bailey Howell
    Retired Numbers /149: Dave Cowens
    Limited Trios /149: Clyde Drexler/Isiah Thomas/John Stockton
    Decade Dominance Materials /99: Karl Malone
    Next Day Autograhs /99: Cole Aldrich
    Material Monikers Patch/AU /10: Tony Parker -sold-

    Box 2:
    Base /199: Andre Iguodala
    Spotlight /149: Brandon Jennings
    Spotlight /49: Andrea Bargnani
    Retired Numbers /149: Elgin Baylor
    Materials /199: Kevin Love -sold-
    Freshman Numbers /99: Elliot Williams
    Freshman Numbers Autographs /99: Greivis Vasquez

    Box 3:
    Base /199: Shaq O'Neal
    Spotlight /149: Elton Brand
    Team Trademarks /149: Monta Ellis
    Materials /199: Rashard Lewis
    Limited Trios /149: Kevin Durant/Kobe Bryant/LeBron James
    Freshman Patch /25: Ekpe Udoh -sold-
    Rookie Autographs/Patch /10: Cole Aldrich

    Box 4:
    Base /199: Derrick Rose
    Spotlight /149: Kevin Martin
    Spotlight /49: O.J. Mayo
    Team Trademarks Spotlight /49: Joe Johnson
    Materials /199: Carlos Boozer
    Rookie Patch/AU /25: Gordon Hayward
    Glass Cleaners Materials Signatures REDEMPTION: Lamar Odom

    Box 5:
    Base /199: Brook Lopez
    Spotlight /149: Brandon Roy
    Legend Spotlight /49: Cliff Hagan
    Banner Season /149: David Lee
    Materials /199: Caron Butler
    Jumbo Materials /99: Chris Paul
    Material Monikers JSY/AU /49: Brandon Roy
    Class Cleaners Patch /25: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

    Box 6:
    Base /199: Kevin Durant
    Legend Spotlight /149: Jerry West
    Legend Spotlight /49: Larry Bird
    Banner Season /149: Joe Johnson
    Materials /199: Darrell Griffith
    Rookie JSY/Autographs /249: Ekpe Udoh -sold-
    Class Cleaners Autographs /49 REDEMPTION: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

    Box 7:
    Base /199: LeBron James
    Legend /199: Cliff Hagan
    Spotlight /149: Trevor Ariza
    Retired Numbers Spotlight /49: Mark Eaton
    Materials /199: Brandon Jennings
    Rookie Jersey/Autographs /249: Daniel Orton
    Material Monikers Jersey/Autographs /99: Kelly Tripucka

    Box 8:
    Base /199: Chauncey Billups
    Legend /199: Gail Goodrich
    Spotlight /149: Richard Hamilton
    Decade Dominace /149: Bob Pettit
    Banner Season Materials /99: Deron Williams
    Rookie Jersey/Autographs /249: Greivis Vasquez
    Next Day Autographs /95: Hassan Whiteside

    Box 9:
    Base /199: Derrick Rose
    Legend /199: Willis Reed
    Spotlight /149: Chris Paul
    Glass Cleaners Spotlight /49: Mark Eaton
    Banner Season Materials /99: Brook Lopez
    Retired Numbers Signatures /99 REDEMPTION: Bob Pettit
    Limited Trios Signatures 22/49: Brandon Jennings/Stephon Curry/Tyreke Evans

    Box 10:
    Base /199: Carmelo Anthony
    Legend /199: Cazzie Russell
    Spotlight /149: O.J. Mayo
    Team Trademarks 008/149: Monta Ellis
    Materials /199: Jason Williams
    Next Day Autographs /99: Greivis Vasquez
    Material Monikers Jersey/Autographs /99 REDEMPTION: Michael Cage

    Box 11:
    Base /199: LeBron James
    Spotlight /149: Chauncey Billups
    Spotlight /49: Mo Williams
    Decade Dominace Spotlight /49: Clyde Drexler
    Materials /199: Carmelo Anthony
    Monikers Autographs /99: Andre Iguodala
    Rookie Jersey/Autographs /249 REDEMPTION: Luke Harangody

    Box 12:
    Base /199: Richard Hamilton
    Legend /199: Jerry Sloan
    Legend Spotlight /149: Cazzie Russel
    Banner Season /149: Deron Williams
    Materials /199: Chris Bosh
    Freshman Jumbo /99: Greg Monroe
    Freshman Numbers /99: Ed Davis
    Freshman Jumbo Autographs /99: Avery Bradley

    Box 13:
    Base /199: Andrew Bogut
    Spotlight /149: Dirk Nowitzki
    Spotlight /49: Gerald Wallace
    Team Trademarks /149: Monta Ellis
    Materials /199: Marc Gasol
    Freshman Numbers /99: Patrick Patterson
    Freshman Numbers Autographs /99: James Anderson
    Team Trademarks Patch /10: Derrick Rose

    Box 14:
    Base /199: JaVale McGee
    Legend /199: Hakeem Olajuwon
    Spotlight /149: Raja Bell
    Decade Dominance /149: Earl Monroe
    Materials /199: Chris Kaman
    Rookie Jersey/Autographs /249: Dexter Pittman
    Freshman Numbers Autpgraphs /99 REDEMPTION: Lazar Hayward

    Box 15:
    Base /199: Rodney Stuckey
    Legend /199: Adrian Dantley
    Spotlight /149: Dwyane Wade
    Team Trademarks /149: Monta Ellis
    Legend Materials /99: George Mikan
    Jumbo Materials /49: Allen Iverson
    Jumbo Numbers Materials /99: Chris Paul
    Freshman Jumbo Signatures /99: DeMarcus Cousins

    Tracy McGrady On-Card-AU's

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    sent you a PM on triple auto. thanks
    I Collect Robert Mathis

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    Check my bucket or pm me a price on the cousins.

    thanks bryce
    I ship once a week on Monday or Tuesday and only can check my mail once a week to confirm trades have been received. Please pm me if interested in seeing my FB and BB trade lists.

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    Cmb for the bird.
    Collecting: Larry Bird, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, Set Needs
    My Bucket: Hidden Content
    Set needs: Hidden Content
    Tradelist: Hidden Content

    Will send cards in new cases without tape if you do the same. PLMK so I can package appropriately

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    looks like a fun break... congrats
    Concentrating on Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen in USA Team Uniforms...

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    If FT, interested in the Rose, Jabbar and PArker auto
    ~ Looking for All Kobe , Stockton and Low Numbered Cards ~

    Bucket: Hidden Content

    MailDay Thread:
    Hidden Content

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    @bobo9390 & RyU:

    @Peyton18Manning & bdoody42:
    You have a PM

    Sorry, but the Bird is sold.

    The Rose Patch is pending.
    The Parker AU is sold.
    And all other Cards are for sale only.
    Tracy McGrady On-Card-AU's

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    Can you pm me a price on the Monta that is jersey #d?

    Also on the triple auto?

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    PM me a price on the triple auto for my jennings pc.
    as well as the AI gu
    Collecting ALL Allen Iverson Items
    PM Me If You Have ANYTHING!

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