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    Threads, sometimes it works out in your favor as in # 1

    Earlier this week on this board I saw a board member who had pulled two autographs of the same player that he was offering to trade. I contacted him and offered a nice Upper Deck Kobe Bryant autograph but never heard back from him/her.

    So today I thought I would try some packs of Threads. Heck you never know and I needed two autographs to fill out a page in my basketball autograph book.

    Hit this jersey

    Then I hit an autograph

    Few packs later I hit the very card I wanted but it goes in a holder so I finished off the box and got this as my third auto in the box:

    Now to the card that I tried to trade for. Sure you can always buy the card or even trade but for me it is always way more fun to pull the card.

    Here is the card I wanted:

    Good day, got two autos to fill out my page and then the very card I wanted from this set!

    Good luck with your breaks!

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