Four years ago a close friend of mine approached me with a business proposal that I turned down. Last month I saw him for the first time in about 2 years and this same business was thriving! he was making a residual income of $8000 per month. Although I currently make more than him, we live very different lifestyles. He has all the time in the world to enjoy his life and I am busy all of the time! He approached me with the same business idea just recently and after seeing what he did in the last few years and knowing how he did it, and how I could do it myself, I decided to join as well.

This business involves public relations, marketing and sales, and it's with a very reputable organization, is %100 legal and legitimate.

My friend's business is 600+ people strong, and I have begun a branch of his business with his guidance and support and I currently have 4 team members. All of them are extremely talented and motivated.

I have used the connections I have made in my other business and I am really beginning to take off in this business as well.

I am looking for a good business partner or two... I am looking for someone who has connections with people, or has access to making a lot of connections, someone who can be a leader, and can have influence on others, 18+ is a must, a people person, and someone who thinks 'outside of the box' and is not afraid to work in exchange for huge opportunities.

I along with my current business partners will show you how to create success through this business. This is a rather unique opportunity with great potential for gains. Please inbox me for more information if this sounds interesting to you and you have/are:

18+ years of age
are coach-able
think outside of the box
have $500 plus tax start up costs
people person and have connections or some influence over people

I've been collecting high end cards for years and the amount of money I have spent is unreal. for $500 into this idea, I have already gotten my investment back and it took me 30 days, I can show you how to do it in even less time.

inbox me!