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Thread: 2009 Ud Black Rookie Autos FS

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    2009 Ud Black Rookie Autos FS

    Gonna sell of my nearly complete set, it's missing just two the Shonn Green and Rey Mauluaga. Ill Say $600 for what I have which is 40/42 cards. Prices on individual cards will be listed below, all prices are best offer as usual. please feel free to make any offer you think is a reasonable one.

    Stafford $90

    Sanchez $30

    Matthews $40

    Raji $20

    Orakpo $20

    Cushing $20

    Maclin $30

    Wells $20

    Laurinaitis $20

    Wallace $40

    DHB $20

    Crabtree $20

    Freeman $30

    The rest of the lesser players will be $5 - $10 each Depending on player.
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    I have those. Just couldn't recall the others in the set. Thank you
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    up for some Sunday sales

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hungrycollegekid View Post
    Best on the Matthews?
    That is the best on the Matthews, Sorry but I can't go any lower on it.

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    Can you PM me the list of lesser players still available?


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    still have a bunch left

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    back up for some more sales, most of the lower end guys are gone now

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