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    ebay pop ups errrrghh !! found a way to get rid of it.

    this has been driving me crazy and the solution was so simple

    i use mozilla as my browser and malwarebytes as my anti virus
    it is free and works quite well

    by updating the malwarebytes and simply running a scan it detected the little ebay bu**er first time around. simply clicked on remove it and boom it was gone !

    do it and get rid of that piece of advertising crapola.

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    Never seen an Ebay Pop up but if I do I will try this to remove it

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    apparently with their new beta testing it is so annoying. every time you select a new page either by refreshing or simply looking at an item you get this popup. so if you search for example
    sundin you get a popup with 3 ads on it for
    sunscreen, suntan products and something else that starts with "sun" before you continue you have to close the popup which takes a couple seconds after clicking close. slows down everything.

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    Really I have not seen this yet. I run an E-bay store I wonder if that is the reason

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    I've been on ebay for eons and have never heard of pop ups. Might be time to invest in a new computer that isn't made by Bill Gates.

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    I'm getting those stupid pop-ups too. Never had them until just recently.
    Every time you go to a new page they pop-up. Rather annoying .

    Cheers Mike
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