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    i understand that, all i want are some opinions on who ''they'' might be, im not saying they have to be right i know ud has not said anything, i know ur high up on scf and i dont wanna be rude but please if you dont know what im saying u couldve always just message instead of posting something i already knew.
    thanks haave a good one rgm81
    Until Upper Deck releases the information, it is pointless to speculate and guess because Upper Deck are the only ones that will have the answers. They may do it using only the holdover rookies, in which case it's a crapshoot as to how they rank the limited pool available. They may do it using both the holdover class and the players who have debuted during this lockout-shortened campaign, in which case it's a crapshoot as to how they rank the larger pool available.

    Do your research, find out which players are eligible, and you may be able to draw some conclusions out of it, but it truly is pure speculation because the ultimate decision is in Upper Deck's hands and they're usually very selective and not willing to disclose or tip their caps as to who will be assigned where until they release the full list. If you want to have fun with it, by all means do, but it's not helpful to snap at me for pointing out the basic fact of the matter that it could be anybody from Scott Glennie to Mikhail Grigorenko because UD has not given any hints as to what we can expect with these cards.
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    Thanks I'm sorry if I came off as rude I just wanted so my ideas

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    Artifacts Rookie Redemption II

    I won this card on a C and C break any idea who it might be? Any help would be appreciated.
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    This thread just keeps going and going! ...and people keep asking the same question over and over again.

    Like many of you already replied (and I appreciate it) we won't know until UD releases the checklist.

    It will ultimately be UD's "experts" who will decide which rookie deserves which spot. It will more than likely not be by draft position.

    For those who are interested in an educated guess, here are MY predictions strictly based on popularity and team. These are not official whatsoever...and if I'm wrong (which I'll propably be because I'm guessing) don't blame me.

    So, not in any particular order, but chances are these RC will be in the autographed rookie version:

    Yakupov, Tarasenko, Galcheniuk, Hamilton, Schultz, Grigorenko, Conacher, Silfverberg, Brenner, Kreider, Schwartz, etc ...

    Again, don't complain if I'm wrong, just an educated GUESS!

    If anyone gets the official checklist from UD, please post it here!

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