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    Not a great product and its doubtful there will be high prices on cards from boxes that have been busted as most places will end up blowing the boxes out eventually.
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    As I'm sure people have already mentioned, the posted breaks don't exactly inspire people to want to pay $100 for a box. I bought a box at the Expo (I knew it would be a bad idea, but live and learn!), and was absolutely raped. I so far have only been able to move 2 low end inserts out of all the hits. Eventually my resale value will be less than 10%. I know this is a hobby and not a business, but I hope to get more than 10% of my $ back.

    At the 3 hobby boards I hang out at, I've yet to see a "good" Certified break. Some have been better than others, but again, nothing quality. So to sum it up, I'd say when UD (which I also don't think is great) is more than $30 less per box, and the returns are better, of course people are going to choose UD.
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    I've been breaking it, but nowhere near the level I did last year, same goes with UD1. The lockout, the rising expense of shipping to Canada and the lack of rookies are all reasons but none greater than the fact that football is getting more and more of my attention. This is due to the arrival of Luck and RGIII. So there are lots of reasons I'm not breaking as much and I'm sure that many are in the same boat as I am. When the players come back I will surely break more. If they start to blowout Certified at a nice price I will come back to it too.
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    Yes I has also experienced that only 1 of Goalie Pulls with my PC-player has surfaced at ebay so this there are not so many of those cards with other players either.

    Panini ineed needs to tone down with their parallel-craze.
    I'm bummed that my PC-players doesn't has many cards from Panini's products but meanwhile I'm happy to not need to hunting 10-20 parallels for every releases.
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    IMO they garbaged up Certified after year 1.
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    I didn't even buy any to do group breaks with... that's more of a reflection on the lockout though and lack of high end RCs. I'm actually not buying any 12-13 product until they're including the higher end RCs, with the lone exception of MAYBE the new Panini product coming with the retired sigs in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canucksfan007 View Post
    IMO they garbaged up Certified after year 1.
    +1 - Same reason I was turned away last year and as rydlar99 post goes I prefer Legends from previous years as opposed to 4th liners jersey cards. I only buy ITG anymore.
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    Underwhelming is a great word I heard on this thread.

    Are consumers finally catching on to what I caught onto in 2004 ?

    1. Everything is firstly overpriced to absurdity

    2. The marginal collector always stays away during strikes, lockouts, loss of season

    3. The semi-collector enjoys the game more than collecting. Lockouts, strikes and lost games punt him to the curb.

    4. The collector sees little value in opening new wax. He is unable to identify with any upcoming rookies, as he has not seen them. If rookies are not added to the mix because of Lockout, then why bother.

    5. The die-hard just looks at his wallet. He's barely getting 30% return on any Wax since UD 2005-06, money is better spent on the secondary market, filling holes in his/her collection at a fraction of the cost.

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    I haven't searched the fourms or ebay for a single certified card this year. It's one of those products that should be axed (AND not replaced by a different product).
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