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    Talking Got my michael jordan rookie back from BGS!!! LOOK

    I am glad to say that i got my michael jordan fleer rookie back from BGS today and i got a mint 9!! you can see it on my photobucket! i dont have a beckett does anyone know what it books for?

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    I called the local shop owner, he said he thought it was about $1600 bv....

    hope that helps....

    Thats a super nice grade for that card neo!!

    Are you going to keep it or ebay it??

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    ya thanks ray! i think if someone has a beckett it lists it in the back.

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    the rookie books for $800 without grading according to beckett

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    Wow congrats
    keep it and sell it later or trade it for tons of great autos

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    hey everyone thanks for the comments.
    hots-i know the jordan books for $8000 regular but if you look in the back you can see what graded cards book at.
    shino-i acctually did buy it but it was me and my dad and we bought it a long time ago at a yard sell. we bought the whole set for $25!!!

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