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    Thumbs up Colorful Break of 1 Hobby Box + 2 Blaster + 1 Rack Pack 2012 Topps Chrome

    Had a few stops today doing some errands and some gift buying for kiddos and wifey ...Wallet right now is sore but everyone goes home happy . Kids got some toys from Toys R us ... cant resist to pick up a blaster box

    which i guess is just alright

    No biggie but managed to get a Black Refractor

    then i decided to stopped buy Best Buy to pick up an IPAD for wifey ... Target is across so i picked up 1 Rack Pack and a Blaster

    Rack Pack showed some nice colorful hits

    Nice Colors here :)!

    Then the Blaster

    then the better hits of the blaster;)

    so far so good

    then on my way home i dropped by my LCS to pick up 1 Hobby Box ... This is the same case where in i pulled my Bernard Pierce Auto Patch

    Spoiler Alert : This box got some nice colors :devil:

    So not to spoil the fun heres what i got

    Prism Hit

    Heres where it gets a bit of interesting

    Red .... LOL !!! .... Red Zone ....

    CAMO ....

    BLUE !!!!

    PINK !!!!

    AND .........

    BLACK !!!!!!!!:)!




    And of course the Auto :D

    THanks for Looking ...
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    Nice Andy Luck and Wilson auto!

    I am working on the tallboy set, is there any way I can talk you into a PWE deal on the Richardson Tallboy?

    Thank you, kindly!


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    very colorful! any chance I could trade one of the Wilson's off you?

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