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    Post Cereal Hockey Card Question!

    I recently found the post cereal boxes with CHL hockey cards on the back. I'm looking to cut them out. Just wondering if there's a special way i should cut them out? With normal scissors or should i just keep the entire box back and leave them uncut. lol may be a stupid question but just wondering?
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    If you cut them always try to cut them larger then the card if possible, also a exato with a ruler may do a better job then cisor. As for overall value once cut, unless the player is a prime player, the card will never have much value or demand so it's not making a big difference value wise as collector know they tend to be bad so as long as you make a noce cut, it should be good. If you want them mint then just keep the cover and do not try to cut it.
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    I use an exacto knife with a ruler but it's difficult to do and you have to be very careful obviously to avoid an accident.

    I've been meaning to get a straight trimmer from some hobby store since I started making custom cards. It cuts in a straight edge. Check Walmart to see if they have the Fiskars paper trimmer, it's usually $10-20 depending on the type.

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