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Thread: Member From Toronto!

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    Member From Toronto!

    Been here for a few years actually, but never made one of these threads so here it is! My main collection currently consists of football, golf, baseball and some basketball. I would love to meet new collectors from Toronto as I am looking to make new trading/selling friends so feel free to talk if you're from Toronto!

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    Thanks! Where are the toronto collectors at? I just won this sweet lawrie fivestar card from ebay and I am pretty excited about it since it was a bit of a steal!

    Can't get the image to show here so there's the link. I only paid $21 for it! The card is entrenched in my pc for the time being, but feel sure to show off your Toronto cards!

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    Well, i'm not from Toronto but welcome to SCF anyway. Congrats on the new Fivestar. Shipping seems a little high for USPS but still a nice card.

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    Thanks! Shipping was actually on $5, so the card most definitely wound up being a steal for me =)

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    Welcome to SCF John, have fun here and enjoy yourself!

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    lol dudes I am not a new member here. I just made this thread looking for fellow Toronto collectors! There is actually a trade night tonight at 401 Games today in Toronto from 5-8:30 or so. It is mostly hockey collectors, but it's a good time for everyone that is involved! More information can be found at

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