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Thread: All for sale or trade

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    All for sale or trade

    Ive got these three GREAT Pack Pulled Auto cards to sell or trade--
    The cards your getting are of a
    1999 Upper Deck Signature Collection---Jeff Burton
    1999 Wheels Authentic Wheels Memorabilia Auto---Jeremy Mayfield
    1996 SB-Authentic Autograph---Dale Jarrett

    As far as a cash offer-Just make one
    As far as a trade---Offer me something nice in Baseball like of a Star players pack pulled auto or of a vintage players auto or game used-Or of a actors event used-Or im still collecting old silver coins-Or early US coins
    Or offer something in newer unopened packs

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    Have some HEROES TV show autos
    Alan Blmunfeld aka Maury Parkman
    Greg Grunberg aka Matt Parkman
    Jamie Hector aka Benjain "KNOX" Washington
    Tamlyn Tomita aka Ishi Nakamura
    Cristine Rose aka Angela Petrelli
    Matthew John Armstrong aka Ted Sprague
    and a Lost screen used shirt available, if you're interested shoot me a PM - I am interested in the 3 autos

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    sorry-but im going to have to pass on these-because there of no one i know---thanks anyways

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