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    How Do You Estimate & Give Book Value's of Low Numbered Cards?

    Hey guys, I've been doing book values for some of my sets, including my Masterpieces and other awesome pc and vintage cards. I was just wondering how you guys judge book value's of low numbered cards. I know maybe technically you can't, but there's gotta be a way to do that. Just looking for some advice with that concerning book value...any help would be great!

    And for example cards /5, /10, /25 or lower.

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    I factor in the price I paid/traded to acquire the card, look for other completed confirmed sales on eBay, and sales of comparable players/sets.

    If you collect Player X, you probably have a pretty good idea in mind what you're willing to pay for a non-auto, non-memorabilia parallel /10 or /5, especially if you've already done it a few times.
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    Really depends on the set and the year. A card #D to 25 can be worth a lot in some sets and be practically pointless in another.
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