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    Question Is PSA and Grading as a whole still hot or Popular?

    Just curious. I am not and never have bought into the grading thing...I have a few but that is only to help substantiate the quality of my vintage sets. But I was wondering if grading as a whole or even in particular PSA is still a strong biz or have they taken a hit. When I see PSA 8 cards selling for less than what one pays to get the thing graded....I have to wonder when people would wise up. Your thoughts?

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    Grading was a lot bigger about 10 years ago. That's when you had a ton of companies hit the market because almost anything graded was hot and would sell for X amount of times what the card was worth not graded. But now there are only a few companies left and most cards aren't even worth the time or money to get graded. Seems to me the bubble burst on graded cards (minus vintage and a few others).
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    It's still nice to be able to buy a card and have a great idea about condition

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    Unless it is either a vintage, a highly counterfited or autographed card it really serves no point to have a card graded unless you are doing it to protect the card.
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    I only get PSA cards that are autographed or vintage to ensure authenticity. If it is newer I could care less. But, to your point about the cost associated, more often than not the grading is more than the card is worth. Example, I have a 1985 topps Gaylord Perry signed in person at a show. With the amount of 85 Topps and Perry autos on the market there is no real reason to authenticate it unless I was going to try to sell it and even then would be upside down with the cost of getting the auto and the grading.

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