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    Shop for a guitar, return home with a box full of collectables....I'M on fire......

    Good day to all,

    There was an estate sale in the area, the sale was due in the middle of the week Wednesday nov 21st at 10h00am.

    My cousin told me the lady had a bass guitar so I decided to go, what the hell, i was working after noon.

    So only 10 other person came to the opening day sale, i was 2nd.

    The lady ad the bass and a really good one to ....Ibanez worth 1200.00....I got the guitar for 150.00$ so that made my day......

    I always ask if they have any collectables, the lady sais she ad a small box of mixed sports cards !!!!!

    She got the box.....not a box, a plastic bin, full + a Goallie stick

    When she opened the lid, my heart stoped..........right there in front of me, she let me go thrue the box, i was freaking out, there was no way I was leaving without the bin.

    I asked the lady what she would like for the complete collection.......She said ``Give me another 150.00 bucks and take it away`` baby

    Here's a list of collectables in the bin:

    *** DenisPotvin 15`` x 15`` signed litho from Canada post with certificate....713 of1000 ***
    *** PhilEsposito 15`` x 15`` signed litho from Canada post with certificate 417 of 1007***
    *** RickWamsley original vintage goalie stick from Montreal Habs ***
    *** 3Montreal Expos 2003 Bobble Heads in original box From Bobble Dreams USA***
    * Brad Wilkerson
    * Warren Cromartie
    * Frank Robinson
    *** NewYork Yankees 2006 Babe Ruth Bobble Heads in original box From McFarlane(Cooperstown Collection) ***
    *** 1 packof 2 players....1988 MSA Hostess Disc...Casey Candaele & George Bell ***
    *** GaryCarter 8`` x 10`` original Photo from ``Steiner`` Baseball Hall of famesouvenir ***
    *** Post /Upper Deck 1995 Anniversary Edition Binder...French/English cards ***
    *** 1990Sunday, January 28 Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans...GTE cards Binder withDenver Broncos & San Francisco 49ers cards ***
    *** 1998Esso Olympic Hockey Heroes Binder ***
    *** 2008-09Complete Habs Medallion set with Original Binder from Gazette & Journal DeMontreal ***
    *** Lot ofBasketball cards with Rookies, Autographs & Game used ***
    *** 8Vintage Guy Lafleur ``Magazines`` from 1979 and up....all mint ***
    *** 4 Habs2008 50 cents coins from the Canadian Mint coin no. 3-4-5-6 of a set of 6 coins***
    *** Vintagehockey cards:
    * Gordie Howe 1971-72 O-Pee-Chee262
    * Jacques Plante 1971-72O-Pee-Chee 195
    * Gordie Howe 1970-71 O-Pee-Chee 238
    * 4 Bobby Orr 1970-71 O-Pee-Chee236-246-248-252
    *** CanadaPost Autographed Serge Savard Card from Pacific 2003 ***
    *** CanadaPost 3 x 3.00$ stamps for 100 years habs History...Lafleur/Richard/Béliveau ***
    *** KenDryden Rookie Card....poor condition ***
    *** GuyLafleur Rookie card....Good condition ***
    *** GaryCarter Autographed card....Panini Century 2/25...card 18
    *** GuyLafleur / Steve Shutt O-Pee-Chee Premier Dual Signings PS2-LS 16/25
    *** Jean Béliveau Autographed 3.5`` x 5`` photo ***
    *** MauriceRocket Richard Autographed Canada post NHL Envelope Day of issue....100 years StanleyCup with Canada Post certificate ***.

    *********Wayne Gretzky Rookie card...Very good condition *********


    Thats what you call timing.....

    Thanks for reading

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    Congrats to you. Always nice when you find something for a good price. Sometime it the luck of finding out about a event and then getting lucky by finding something totally not intended. Would love to see scans when you have the time.

    Not sure if your planning on trading the stuff but if you are read the rules for high end trading. Thanks again for a great story.

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    Ya gota show this stuff off. Pics man pics. An amazing haul congrats

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