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    Orange Refractors: 214

    Prism /218 Von Miller 22
    Prism /218 Peyton Manning 161
    Prism /218 Ronnie Hillman 192

    Would you take $15dlvd for these?

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    What do you need for the Michael Egnew camo, and xfractor. And do you have the base refractor of him?

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    Hi, can you check me or PM me a price on your Denver Broncos stuff please? Thanks!
    Correa, K. Bryant, Arenado, T. Story, Jon Gray, Blackmon, Tyler Anderson, Syndergaard, Kyle Freeland, Senzatella, Jeff Hoffman, kershaw, bumgarner,Pence, posey, Trout, Harper, Yount, goldschmidt,, P. Manning , Elway, Champ Bailey, Von Miller, Lindsey Vonn.
    I do NOT trade by BV, only by SV or common sense!

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    4 more boxes. All refractors for 25 boxes listed now. Sorted by team since that is the way most people are asking for them.

    Let's make some t-day trades.

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    I would be interested in these two. LMK

    Xfractor Ryan Matthews 117 Chargers
    Ref Ryan Matthews 117 Chargers

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