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Thread: 2012 WWE Topps FT

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    2012 WWE Topps FT

    I have a few WWE Topps 2012 cards for trade. Looking mainly for 2010 WWE Topps relic cards I don't have. I am trying to get the whole set. If you are interested pm me and let me know what you have. Thanks

    Ted DiBiase relic black shirt
    Sheamus relic black shirt
    Zack Ryder relic Black Shirt

    Here are a few other relics I have that I am looking to trade for some 2010 relics. Also looking for the Del Rio relic and HHH mat cards from 2012.

    WWE Platinum
    Big Show Black Shirt
    The Miz Black Shirt
    R-Truth Blue #/99 Black shirt
    David Hart Smith Green #d/399 2 color
    Kofi Kingston green #d/399 4 color

    WWE Classic
    The Miz Black shirt
    Dolph Ziggler Black Shirt
    Jack Swagger Black Shirt

    WWE Heritage 3
    Bobby Lashley

    WWE Heritage IV
    MVP 3 color

    TNA Tenacious
    Bobby Roode James storm dual relic #d/80

    TNA SIgnature Impact
    RVD Jumbo relic Black with stitching #d/199

    TNA Reflexxions
    Jeff Jarret 2 color karen Jarrett dual relic #d/199

    TNA New Era
    Kurt Angle Black shirt relic #d/199

    WWE Heritage Chrome Mat Cards
    Kane vs Umaga
    Mickie James vs Beth Phoenix

    WWE Heritage mat card
    Mysterio vs chavo guerrero

    Topps Elimination CHamber Mat cards
    Ted DiBiase
    Maryse Gold #d/50

  2. Kronozio
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    If selling can I have a price on this card.

    Zack Ryder relic Black Shirt
    RIP Buddy (2004-2016)

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    Are those three cards at the top ,the sheamus zack Ryder and the Ted dibiase do you have them or is that what are you looking for
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    Those are the ones I have for trade. ANd PM sent to you Goblin

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    do the cards that your collecting have to be game used or autos
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    If they are Taker, HHH, Del Rio or Tara.Victoria then no. If I dont have them then I want them if they are relics or base. Makes no difference to me :-)

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