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Thread: Watching the lions game

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    Watching the lions game

    Watching the lions, not real familiar with them. Know that it's been
    a frustrating season. I'm pretty neutral, but i thought stafford
    was better than this. Game is far from over, would like to see him pick it up.
    Int was not his fault, but he's missed a lot of recievers.

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    Turkey Day, Stafford looking pretty good today. Ist half so far

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    Brutal call on Forsett's td,he was down not once but twice elbow and then knee

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    What good is replay if it can't be used? Terrible. My 5 year old son yelled that he was down in real time.

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    ^ It was going to be used before Detriots Headcoach through the challenge flag on a play that you can't throw the challenge flag on because the play is always reviewed. lol

    What did I say about Detroit finding a way to lose games?

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