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    Who will be the next NHL commissioner?


    The league would argue it was negotiating in good faith and that a percentage of player salaries have been held up in escrow since the 2005-06 season, but there’s no denying at least some players are of the opinion owners were offering extravagant contracts with the notion the NHL would claw back some of the money in the current labor battle.
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    Someone that has grown up with a passion for the game.
    if i had my choice , probably a Canadian. Don't know of any candidates.

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    Who should be the next commissioner? Or who will be? Bill Daly will be. A former player like Modano or Yzerman should be.

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    Modano is an unfriendly, surly person who has difficulty in social situations. Watching he and Chelios both telling kids that were asking for autographs to f-off is not the kind of person you want as a Commissioner. He is narcissistic at best and two closely remover from playing.

    To my understanding, he has little if No Business experience what so ever.

    Gainey or Dryden, Nieuwendyk, or John Davidson would all be much better choices.
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    the next commissioner will be either Gary Bettman's clone or a Bettman Cyborg. Paid for with the money "saved" by locking the players out every 5 seasons.

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