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    just bought huge collection.....l@@K!!!!

    Hey everyone...just bought a really nice bkb collection and wantd to bring it to HK first. There is a lot of really nice Favors and Jennings stuff that I have not scanned. There is also an auto or patch auto of the 50 greatest nba players (minus MJ). No lebron, wilt or durant autos, but most other big name HOFers.

    PM me what player(s) you want to know and ill get you list/pics. I uploaded some stuff to the bucket already.

    If you are a serious Favors or Jennings collector pm me cause we should talk!!!!

    need to serious buyers pm me please!!!!

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    pm me if you have any mj autos, kobe, kyrie irving, durant autos
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    looking for Adrian Peterson's (Vikings) autos that i dont have (super collector)!!! also looking for bowman chrome baseball rc autos, and most highend rc autos in all sports!!!!

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    keeping the durance, but thanks a lot for asking!

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    any jeff teague in there?
    Currently shipping to US only.

    Pascal Siakam PC: 122/525 - 23%

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    no sir, thanks for asking

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