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    I've got a handful I think you can use in my thread here:

    Looking for the guys in my sig or the top rookies from this year. PLMK, thanks...
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    Quote Originally Posted by the110yardline View Post
    I think I have a couple of rookie cards and an insert rookie or two. It will be tomorrow before I can get out into the office to check so I can pm you tomorrow night and we can go from there.....

    Still looking to unload these for some Randall Cobb

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    I took a few days off for the holidays so I figured it was time to bump this listing up to the top! I still need a lot and I have a lot to trade. LMK what you like, what you have and lets get some trades moving! I am shipping on Monday!


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    Just picked up 25 of these guys and am getting there slowly but surely! Let me know if you have anything from the list i need and if you see anything out in my bucket that you can use! I am trading gu or autos for these if you can throw me a decent sized lot! Thanks and I hope to get some packages out for you guys tomorrow!


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    I have these base refractors:
    12, 37, 42,49,90,96,100,125,168,191,194
    I am looking to finish sets in the Topps chrome 57, 65, 84 & red zone. List on my thread
    I collect UGA Rookies:
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    Bump it up to the top!
    looking to finish this thing up pretty quick! Trading gu / refractors/ autos....anything in my bucket for decent sized lots!

    LMK what you have and what you like and lets do some trading!


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    I have 23, 36,46,88,115,132,134,191,201.

    Do you have any Urlacher RC? I'll even consider any other Bears as well.
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    I collect vintage in all sports and rookies. However, I do love any Red Sox, Bears, Penguins or Celtics that I need for PC! Need 1959 Topps Baseball cards for a set (ending stages). My cards come from smoke free environment, so please be upfront if your cards are not. Also if your cards are creased or bent, be honest about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by walker066 View Post
    I have 23, 36,46,88,115,132,134,191,201.

    Do you have any Urlacher RC? I'll even consider any other Bears as well.
    Hey walker066, thanks for responding to my post. I don't have any Urlacher RC's, but I think I have a couple of his in my bucket and I know I have some other Bears cards. If you want to check my bucket, click on my banner. if you don't feel like looking at that many cards, let me know that too and I can get you a list tomorrow or Sunday. I do know I have a gu or two plus some Bears autos depending on who the refractors you have are. I also have a nice Forte / Barnett Rivalries auto in there too. Its a sp / 25 if you are interested in that. maybe we could do a bigger trade if you see some things you like. Shoot me a pm and let me know.


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    have these for you:
    19-88-90-120...looking for some base for my set...any extras?

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