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Thread: I'm back! Let's trade.

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    I'm back! Let's trade.

    After years of being away, I'm getting back into things. Let's make some trades.

    LF Jason Kidd high end, Dirk Autos/Patches, other HoF autos/patches. Also looking for Adrian Peterson, Chris Carter autos.

    Looking to get rid of most of my low end stuff too, I will trade nicely in your favor if you'd like to take some off my hands.

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    I have about 15 Dirk gu in the PC portiob of my bucket Id trade uf you have any LeBron or Cavs.

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    I dont have anything you're looking for above.. but am curious on the percy harvin stuff

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    I'm open to trading the Percy Harvin stuff, what do you have?

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