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Thread: 12/13 ud 1

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    12/13 ud 1

    What does everyone think of the 12/13 UD 1 series? Given the fact there are very few YGs of interest in the set there are some nice inserts to be had. I have not opened a box or pack yet. I am on my way to Florida and then on a cruise for 3 weeks so I will probably read the posts when I get back and then wait until series 2 comes out and hope that the lockout is over and there is some nice YGs in it.
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    I bought me a box last week, my usual luck held strong and I got nothing of note. That said, with some sort of insert in every pack, and a few PC cards, it was 3 times the fun of the Score box I'd opened previously, 3 times the price too.

    At the card show yesterday one dealer had the results of an 8 CASE break at his table, there's certainly a lot of amazing stuff in this year's Series I, even without the rookie crop. You just gotta have the luck :)
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    It's all good fun unless you hit a box of miscut Young Guns. You will know when you hit them as a piece from the top of another card will be along the bottom of your Young Gun. I had five like that in my first box and Upper Deck is promising to replace them.

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    Luck has never been on my side. Broke a box last night and the highlight of the break was a Ryan Miller jersey card all grunt ygs and no inserts to speak of. I have one more box coming later this week if that box is no better I think I'll call it a bust, one of the worst box breaks I've ever done. On the up side the cards look very nice, the photography is awesome just not much value per box (from my experience).

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    Overall, the YGs are very week compared to most years (it looks more like a Series 2 checklist than a Series 1) but everyone would know this before they bought the product. If the reason you buy wax is hoping to pull the latest big name rookies - the set is a total disaster, just like other 12-13 products.

    I did bust two boxes on the weekend. Got a base set, 12 YGs (the better ones being Jake Allen, Sven Baertschi, the Checklist..... and I can't remember what else, lol).

    I got one SP (not a really hard to find one, but group 'E' or something like that) Jersey card, that was Tyler Ennis. The other three were all commons.

    Got the usual run of inserts - an Exlcusives, Silver Skates, and Heores.

    I also pulled a Day with the Cup (Matt Greene).

    If you like UD Series 1 as a set to collect, it's as good a product as its ever been, it just doesn't have any big name rookies. If collectors can't get past that, then this isn't a good set for them.
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