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Thread: 07/08 Be A Player Blaster

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    07/08 Be A Player Blaster

    I do a lot of box breaks & case breaks and every now and then my distributor throws in a blaster of a product they can't move anymore. This week happened to be a blaster (2 packs) of 07-08 Be A Player.
    Check out the two pretty solid hits:

    The Backstrom is 04/99, but has a slight slight touch in the top left corner (it's actually more pronounced in the scan than in person)

    Both of these cards are going to be given away on November 30th randomly to people participating in my box breaks so neither are available.
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    Is the Backstrom FS? If so, how much you looking for? Shoot me a pm

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    That's a pretty solid blaster. Congrats.
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    Yeah I was really surprised. Considering I received it for free. I actually didn't even notice that the Backstrom was /99 until I went to my price guide to look it up. I figured a Backstrom RC would be worth a little bit, but then it said /99... did a double take and checked the card!
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    Probably one of the best BAP blasters you can get. Osgood is a well-known goaltender and a /99 Backstrom RC is something that would even (almost) make a hobby box.


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