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    All replies have been sent via PM, thanks for posting!

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    Landed my Neely!!!!

    Everything here is still available though, shoot me an offer!

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    Don't have anything for you, but I read your OP and I can relate to you entirely. I have tried to sell cards on here in the past and I have had some luck, but some people just don't have common sense. I thought it was just me b/c of my low feedback, but I don't think that should make a difference either. This is a hobby and should be fun for everyone and there shouldn't be any signs of mocking and immaturity, but oh well. Are you looking for any high end Neely or Bruins?

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    Yeah, that's one of the frustrations of selling on the board, but most people have been reasonable. As far as my wants, I can use Neely high enders, absolutely, and as for the Bruins, it would pretty much depend on the player and the card.

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