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    A Huge Thanks To the Racing Staff

    Now that the 2012 nascar season has come to an end, I justed wanted to take a moment, and give a huge shout out to the racing staff for all the great contests they run throughout the year. I thoroughly enjoy the Fantasy Racing, Survivor, and Chase For The Cup contests. I was lucky enough to win a few nice PC cards this year, and just wanted to say thank you again for doing this for the members of SCForum. Looking forward to the 2013 nascar season. I hope everyone has a safe, and happy holiday season!


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    i agree with you 100% troy. thanks to the people who take the time to do these contests and keep track of the pick's.

    wanted 2004 triple hat cards of kenseth, labonte & stewart or multi color patches of other drivers.

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    I agree 100% as well.

    Many thanks to the staff for hosting these fine contests, can't wait for next season!!!

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    your very welcome guys thanks for participating!!!

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    Agreed. Thanks for doing this!
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