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Thread: What do I do with these?

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    What do I do with these?

    I've busted a few boxes of chrome and somehow managed to pull a 1/1.

    Its a Red Zone Rookies Isaiah Pead Superfractor 1/1.

    What do I do with this? Should I keep it? Sell it on ebay? Is he going to be any good?

    Also pulled a LaMichael James Gold RC #/50.

    Do either of these players have potential or do I sell them?

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    i would suggest throwing them both up on ebay, you'll reach the widest market and you will get the attention of people doing the rainbow sets or are super collectors, i know it is still early but i wouldn't look at either of them as possible bustout candidates, with that said ebay is the way to go, i am dealing with the same thing, i hit the morris claiborne and i think it will end up on ebay in a matter of days, hope this helps

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    I'd Put the James up while the product is young and more of the /50 have not been pulled yet. I'd wait on the Pead though. If I am not mistaken Stephen Jackson is a FA next season and I doubtthe Rams will bring him back. They probably have eyes on Darryl Richardson taking over for now but Pead will most likely be the #2 with a chance to fight for the starting spot. It's a 1/1 so you won't have any competition when you do go to sell it. You are probably not going to get any speculators to take a huge chance now since he probably won't do anything this year any more. Best to wait and see where next season lands him. If Jackson does move on and Pead has a legit shot at starting people might be willing to open their wallets. Plus, I'm hoping that the economy is better 9 or 10 months from now. I just don't see any real downside to waiting on him.

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    I would toss them both up on ebay ASAP while the product is still hot.

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    I would toss them both up and put a BIN/BO on the Pead and see what bites you get. James I'd throw up live.

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    I'll give you a nice crisp $5 bill for both :sign0020:

    I would put them on eBay with a BIN/BO. The product is new and hot, so the demand will be out there.
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    Both on ebay...james up for auction and pead BIN at $100

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    I think i would try to put together the Rainbow refractor set on the Pead...i agree with sschind to wait on putting the Pead up on can work on the rainbow set while he is not playing (or at least not much), which means he should not lose much value, and then if he ends up starting next year his value would go up, since you have the hardest refractor to find, putting together the rainbow set might be a good idea, that way if he becomes a starter next year, you can unload the entire refractor set on ebay.

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    Unless they have the rainbow and just want the last 1/1...

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    I'm not sure why he would put more money into a player he doesn't collect. There's as good of a chance Pead will do nothing in the future as he could start. Product is still new and hot, might as well try now like he is.

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