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Thread: What do I do with these?

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    Alright so what's the lowest you would take? I've had a few offers in just one day on it ranging from 17.50 to 40

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    No way I would sell it for $40.00. You may never get that offer for it again but for $40.00 I'd take the chance that he blows up next season. Look at it this way, what is the most you could lose, maybe $30.00 (I'm guessing a 1/1 would be worth $10.00 to someone even if the guy doesn't pan out) and what could you potentially make hundreds perhaps, even more. I wouldn't hold out for that much or even expect that much I just think the potential for gain outweighs what you may lose.

    $100.00 might get me to sell but $40.00, not a chance.
    Steve Schindler

    Collect what you want to collect. Collect players and cards that you like. Collect what you can afford. Collect for you, not to try to impress someone else. If you do this you will much more likely to enjoy the hobby and stay with it.

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