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Thread: What do I do with these?

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    Alright so what's the lowest you would take? I've had a few offers in just one day on it ranging from 17.50 to 40

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    No way I would sell it for $40.00. You may never get that offer for it again but for $40.00 I'd take the chance that he blows up next season. Look at it this way, what is the most you could lose, maybe $30.00 (I'm guessing a 1/1 would be worth $10.00 to someone even if the guy doesn't pan out) and what could you potentially make hundreds perhaps, even more. I wouldn't hold out for that much or even expect that much I just think the potential for gain outweighs what you may lose.

    $100.00 might get me to sell but $40.00, not a chance.

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    Yeah I've been countering with 75...still haven't sold it

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