Poll: Who should leave feedback first on eBay?

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    I 100% agree that the seller should leave feedback first if the buyer has paid on time. I got this message from an ebay seller.

    Thanks for the purchase and payment.
    Feedback is given after item received and feedback left.
    Your card(s) mailed Thursday. Thanks again.
    So I messaged him back.

    I'm curious as to why you only leave me feedback after I have left you feedback? I've done my job by paying and there's nothing more I can do to earn my respective feedback.If you're worried that ill be unsatisfied with the purchase and leave you negative feedback don't worry, I always discuss issues or questions with the other party before leaving feedback.
    Edit: got a reply with a good point. All is well.

    You have a very good question. We used to leave feedback right away. We found some people would never leave feedback for us.
    This way we know you have the item and it opens the lines of communication. We strive for our 100.00%. Thank you for your honesty if there were a problem. Because you took the time to check with us, I thank you, positive feedback will be lelf for you now.
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