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Thread: Awesome Cup case group break

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    Awesome Cup case group break

    Hi all. I am at work in Australia at the moment. Just wanted to share my awesome luck in a recent group break.
    I would have to say this was my best result from any group break ever :)
    I would like to thank Kenney Der for hosting the group break.
    I purchased 3 spots and ended up with Los Angeles , Toronto and Edmonton in a random team style break.
    Here is a link to the break.

    Comments are welcomed.

    Cheers Joel

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    Wow! you killed it with those 3 teams too bad the Gretzky has a chipped corner, hopefully they replace it for you.


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    Geez Joel, I think you walked away with the three best cards in the case, and the Scrivens isn't a bad hit either...
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    Well looks like you had the right teams. Very well done

    WTTF :
    Erik Karlsson/Marian Hossa/Billy Smith/Curtis Lazar Rookies

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    awesome Gretzky my friend!
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    that was an awesome case. congrats on the huge hits

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    Wow absolutely incredible!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!
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    Yeah Joel you killed that break for the rest of us. LOL. Your going to have a really good mailday when you get back. That Gretzky was sick!

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    congrats on the insane cards.
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