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    1984 Star Co Michael Jordan Versus 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan

    Already put this post on the other cards forum but i would like to bring it here too, and want to hear collector opinion on this site..

    I have both of the cards, but when i holding these cards together, i start thinking about which one is the true RC card for Michael Jordan.

    for me personally i think STAR is the true RC card... how about you guys?? which one is the true RC of MJ in your opinion.. tq

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    I passionately hate the term "true rookie."' The true one will be whichever one the prospective buyer considers as Jordan's rookie.
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    Technically I would say both of these are rookies because they are the first card printed of the player from different companies/set...
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    Going by the year of issue it would be the star card but like most people, i consider "pack pulled" cards to be the "true" rookie cards. The Star cards were issued in team bags to people attending games at particular stadiums and NOT pulled from packs therefore not "true" rookie cards in my humble opinion.
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    I have both the cards too, but mine aren't graded and autographed like yours. Wow!

    Most people I know with the Star Co. card think that's the true RC, and most people I know without the Star Co. card think the Fleer is the true RC.
    - Andy

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