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    2013 Racing Team Challenge (Race 1- Daytona)


    Welcome to the 2013 Racing Team Challenge!!!!
    The contest is open for anyone to join.

    This year we are going to combine all three NASCAR series
    1. NASCAR Sprint Cup
    2. NASCAR Nationwide Series, and
    3. NASCAR Camping World Truck Series

    The rules are simple.

    1. Like I mentioned earlier, the contest is open for anyone to join.
    2. Each week you must pick
    4 drivers (2 Sprint Cup Drivers, 1 Full-time Nationwide Driver, and 1 Full-time Nationwide Driver)
    3. Please let me know what driver is for what series.
    Example: Sprint Cup- Jimmy Johnson & Kevin Harvick
    Nationwide- Danica Patirck
    Truck Series- Ron Hornaday Jr.
    4. Scoring will be from where they finish in that race and it will be averaged out for that week.
    (Example, you pick Jimmy Johnson and Kyle Busch from the Sprint Cup, Cole Whitt from the Nationwide, and Ty Dillon from the Truck Series and they finish 2nd, 14th, 8th and 7th respectively. The scoring for the week will be 2+14+8+7= 31/4= 7.75. That will be your score from the week)
    5. If you miss a race you will be awarded
    44 points for both the Sprint and Nationwide Race and 37 points from the Truck Series.
    6. You may edit your post until the deadline. Any edits or post after the deadline will not be counted.

    Good Luck to everyone and may the best race fan win!!!!

    Race 1- Daytona
    Picks to be made by 8pm (EST) on Friday February 22nd

    Participants this week:

    TK10775- Kevin Harvick & Brad Keselowski
    nadeau01_johnson 48- Tony Stewart & Kyle Busch
    toddsr- Tony Stewart & Brad Keselowski
    A2expat- Dale Earnhardt Jr. & Mark Martin
    etmill01- Jimmy Johnson & Jeff Gordon
    joeyfan22- Tony Stewart & Jeff Gordon
    OPCbreaker43- Tony Stewart & Denny Hamlin

    racecrazy- Kevin Harvick & Greg Biffle
    Stunoel- Greg Biffle & Matt Kenseth
    KeltonB- Kevin Harvick & Tony Stewart
    gladdyontherise- Tony Stewart & Kyle Busch
    keeb1995- Tony Stewart & Denny Hamlin
    MattDMC- Kevin Harvick & Matt Kenseth
    rocksaysits420- Kyle Busch & Tony Stewart
    happyharvick29- Kevin Harvick & Matt Kenseth
    wrigley field- Matt Kenseth & Kevin Harvick
    aksn907- Greg Biffle & Kevin Harvick
    eflo328- Kevin Harvick & Matt Kenseth
    chrisparker509- Kyle Busch & Dale Earnhardt Jr.
    SHELBYSALEEN- Jimmy Johnson & Kevin Harvick
    raiderscott- Tony Stewart & Kevin Harvick

    tk10775- Austin Dillon
    nadeau01_johnson48- Elliott Sadler
    toddsr- Austin Dillon
    A2expat- Brian Vickers
    etmill01- Austin Dillon
    joeyfan22- Austin Dillon
    OPCbreaker43- Regan Smith
    racecrazy- Brian Vickers
    Stunoel- Austin Dillon
    KeltonB- Regan Smith
    gladdyontherise- Elliott Sadler
    keeb1995- Regan Smith
    MattDMC- Elliott Sadler
    rocksaysits420- Regan Smith
    happyharvick29- Elliott Sadler
    wrigleyfield- Elliott Sadler
    aksn907- Elliott Sadler
    eflo328- Justin Allgaier
    chrisparker509- Brian Vickers
    SHELBYSALEEN- Justin Allgaier
    raiderscott- Elliott Sadler

    tk10775- Ty Dillon
    nadeau01_johnson48- Ty Dillon
    toddsr- Ty Dillon
    A2expat- Ty Dillon
    etmill- Ron Hornaday Jr.
    joeyfan22-James Buescher

    OPCbreaker43- Darrell Wallace Jr.
    racecrazy- Timothy Peters
    Stunoel- Miguel Paludo
    KeltonB- Ty Dillon
    gladdyontherise- Ty Dillon
    keeb1995- James Buescher
    MattDMC- Timothy Peters
    rocksaysits420- Ty Dillon
    happyharvick29- Ty Dillon
    wrigleyfield- Ty Dillon
    aksn907- Ryan Truex
    eflo328- Timothy Peters
    chrisparker509- Miguel Paludo
    raiderscott- Ty Dillon
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    Sprint Cup- Kevin Harvick & Brad Keselowski
    Nationwide- Austin Dillon
    Truck - Ty Dillon
    Winning means you're willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else

    - Vince Lombardi

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    Cup - Stewart & Ky. Busch
    Nationwide - Sadler
    Trucks - Ty Dillon

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    Cup- Stewart / Keselowski
    Nation- Austin Dillon
    Truck - Ty Dillon
    I Do BV For BV Only Don't care SV Sorry

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    Cup- jr/ martin
    Nation- vickers
    Truck - Ty Dillon

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    Cup-Jimmie Johnson/Jeff Gordon
    Nationwide-Austin Dillon
    Truck-Ron Hornaday Jr


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    Cup: Stewart/Gordon
    Nationwide: Austin Dillon
    Truck: Johnny Sauter

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    Cup: Tony Stewart and Denny Hamlin
    Nationwide: Regan Smith
    Truck: Darrell Wallace Jr.

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    Cup: Denny Hamlin/Greg Biffle
    Nationwide: Vickers
    Trucks: Timothy Peters

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    Sprint: Greg Biffle / Matt Kenseth
    Nationwide: Austin Dillon
    Truck: Miguel Paludo

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