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    Sale Thread!! Scans and prices updated daily!!

    As some of you know i am headed up to Ontario from Florida in 2 weeks time until after New Years, so trading will come to a halt next Monday but until then i'm still looking to add to my sets. (all cards will be shipped before i leave, if i have a deal with a MSF member i have a friend coming to collect my mail for me so once your cards are recieved and looked at they will mail your end out for me but i've only got a couple MSF trades atm and i think they should be good before i leave).

    So basically, for now this thread will contain cards i am willing to sell OR trade, once this Monday the 26th comes it'll be strictly a for sale thread. All the cards that are in this thread will be in hand and shipped the next day.

    Alright let the fun begin, all cards are priced fairly with ebay completed listings, prices are not set in stone if you don't like the price of a card you like feel free to counter offer but please no low ballers. All prices shown are SALE prices, if you want to trade for a card i only trade by BV.

    Shipping Prices

    Bubble Mailer $4.50
    Plain White Envelope $1.50

    To Canada:
    Bubble mailer $3.50
    Plain white envelope $1.25

    To the USA:
    Bubble Mailer $2.50
    Plain White Envelope $.75

    Buying over $30? Shippings on us!

    Backstrom /10 Ridiculous bulging seam!!! BV N/A SV $50
    for sale only/ or a 1 for 1 trade

    1/1 Printing Plate AUTO Andrew Bodnarchuk BV N/A SV $30
    For sale only/ or a 1 for 1 trade

    2011-12 Pinnacle threads PATCH SV $15
    For sale ONLY

    2008-09 OPC Premier Triple Remnants Patch Alex Steen /35 SV $12

    2010-11 The Cup Gold Rainbow #112 Andrew Bodnarchuk JSY AU /65 SV $11

    Galiardi FRENCH back SV $8

    Getzlaf rookie materials bv $25 SV $8

    2011-12 SPX #194 Jake Gardiner JSY AU RC /799 SV $6
    *SMALL WINDOW CREASE* Please click on image to see full size and damage

    $5 A Piece!

    $4 A Piece!

    $3 A Piece!

    $2 A Piece!

    $1 A Piece!

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