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    Need help with ebay shipping issue

    I bought a card 2 weeks ago, seller shipped tracking says it was out for delivery last wed nov.14th, however I never received it (only has signature confirmation). On wed night it says "delivery status not updated", still have not revcieved it to this day. Went to PO yesterday and asked to see if they can find it, workewr looked for it in the back for a few min and couldnt find anything. What should I do? Is it to early to panic?

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    If he said it showed it was out for delivery on the 14th, how would he know? Signature confirmation has a tracking number. Did he give it to you? Seems like he is full of crap.

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    I would ask for the tracking info. You have a right to that.

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    yes i have tracking n it says it was out for delivery on the 14th

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