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    Looking for all 11-12 Rookie Anthology rookies!

    Hello I'm looking for all the 11-12 Rookie anthology rookies. From card #101 all the way to card #165. For the bigger rookies I will buy, trade or a combination of cash/card's. The only rookies I don't need are 119,128,149,154,161 and 164. Please mail me with what rookie's you have and your wants. Thank you!

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    Have these two.....Kubalik #153 /499 and then the Miele #160 /15 patch version:

    Looking for mainly Duchene stuff that I need but will consider anything. Shoot me a PM if you are interested. Good luck with the set.

    Brian F-

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    Have these, looking for guys in my sig first, then tradebait...PM me with a tradelist or something if you're interested.

    11/12 Rookie Anthology Rookie Treasures Au #102 Adam Henrique (red/black & black) 75/99
    11/12 Rookie Anthology Rookie Treasures Auto 129 Harri Sateri (black/black) 325/499, #160 Andy Miele (red/red) 70/499
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    I have these available for trade:

    11/12 Panini Rookie Anthology Colin Greening Auto RC #122 363/499 White and Black
    11/12 Panini Rookie Anthology Blake Geoffrion Auto RC #127 040/499 White and Blue
    11/12 Panini Rookie Anthology Erik Condra Auto RC #140 446/499 Black

    I have a long want list at the linnk.

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