Price, 25, has had some time on his hands lately with the NHL lockout that began Sept. 15. He and fiancé Angela Webber are in town to spend Thanksgiving with her parents, Greg and Alice Webber of Kennewick.
“Bob and Jim (coach Hiller) were real receptive to me coming out,” Price said. “I haven’t been on the ice as a goalie in about a week. It’s nice to come and be part of a structured practice. I’m sure there will be a lot of chirping and razzing out there.” Some of the Americans players were a bit awe struck by Price’s presence at practice.
“It’s exciting to have an NHL All-Star goalie come to practice and get to shoot on him,” said Tri-City forward Connor Rankin. “I haven’t shot on him yet — I’m a little nervous to put that first shot on him. NHL guys shoot at 100 mile an hour, and I’m sure mine’s 60.”
Goalie Luke Lee-Knight, who has been with the team just a week, met Price on Monday morning.
“Bob asked me if I wanted to meet another goalie,” Lee-Knight recalled. “I walked in the room and Bob said, “Luke, this is Carey Price,’ I was at a loss for words.”
Very cool story.