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    Cracked another box of Chrome today..GLAD I DID!

    Well about a week i decided to open my first box of chrome..nothin special.. grabbed another one and pulled the griffin refractor auto in my bucket and today.. Trent Richardson Black Refractor Auto /25! Looking to trade this bad boy..for the right card.

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    PCMB for the RG3 and Trent Richardson. BTW, your inbox is full.
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    yes pm box is full , and give me a look for the rg3 and trent ,thanks
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    many others I collect

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    cmb for the griffin in your bucket
    Collect Braves, Cowboys and UVA Alums or anything that catches my eye.
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    my cash values for trading come straight from eBay avg sales in last 30 days.

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    sorry about the full inbox guys i got that taken care of
    -platinum : nice stuff but didnt see anything i could use at the moment..thanks
    -joelewis: didnt see anything i could use..thanks for the look
    Rest of ya , pms sent!

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    nice card man. could you check my bucket for the rodgers/brees? im doing that set so i have to ask. thanks

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    PM sent
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    I trade by SV,PV (Common sense) only. Im only looking for PC needs.


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    Nthnoak- didnt see anything i could use..that set will be awesome once you complete it! Best of luck to you

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    P,ease cmb for richardson
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    Collecting high end trade bait for now along with superstar Stanford alumni autos and nebraska autos, and Dallas cowboys cards
    101st Abrn-Ft. Campbell, KY!! I trade by sv only

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