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    Why doesn't CBC do Hockey Night in Russia?

    Just flipped on my local non for profit local channel in Winnipeg, low and behold, a WHL game from Victoria is on, if they an do that...

    It is not like the CBC hasn't televised World Cup Skiing, Bobsledding, etc all the way from European despite the limited interest, so ROI doesn't seem like an excuse, even if it may cost a fortune to fly Don Cherry's ego over there...all joking aside, who ever does the broadcasting duties in English would be fine by me. I would most definitely tune in on Saturday nights to see some NHL stars play their game, regardless of the country the telecast originates.
    Have seen highlights here and there, still looks like Datsyuk, Ovie, Backstrom, and co. are working their magic plus rookies, like Yakupov, totally killing it, not too mention other rookies I am not aware of.

    Maginitogorsk vs Tractor or Minsk may not be Bruin's Habs or whatever you like but it is still some elite hockey that I am sure most Canadians if not a lot of American's would look forward to watching every Saturday afternoon or evening.

    Interesting side note, ex Jet "no name" Tim Stapleton, after little interest was shown in resigning the free agent, is 18th in league pts with 21 in 26 games, only 2 behind Datz, while 30 million $ man Evander Kane, 1 pt in 12 gets cut! I suppose it is not so easy playing in a different continent, culture, lifestyle, w/o family/friends,, without having a lot of maturity, commitment and love for the game!

    Hopefully Kane is not too proud to develop his one dimensional game with the AHL Ice Caps along side Burmistrov, Telegin, Postma and others.
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    Advertising would be one of many reasons, I doubt any of their normal clients want to spend a fortune running ads when nobody is watching games from Minsk.

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    I suppose, although I watch games played from Moose Moose Jaw or Minsk, makes no difference to me, and would be exposed to Ford ads either way...although you bring up an interesting point...their normal clients, many are now dropping the NHL itself...
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    On top of advertising troubles.... There is also a big time difference. 9 hours between Toronto and Moscow. Doesn't exactly work for a nice 7:00 PM start. That.... And I suspect that Major Junior.... AHL.... And 'classic' games will all draw better TV numbers.
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    Licensing, travel costs, broadcast rights, numerous other reasons - none of them anywhere near as significant as the bottom line that in all likelihood most Canadians don't want their public dollars being spent to show those games. Many Canadians don't think they should be doing HNIC, as it is.
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