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Thread: ITG 2011-12 Enforcers

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    ITG 2011-12 Enforcers

    With my short-term set building goal complete which was my 2012 Panini R&S Rookie Crusade jumbo Patch collection (I know this is the hockey section but if you are interested cmb to view my complete set) I'm looking for a new challenge so I was reading up on ITG products and came across the 2011-12 Enforcer set and I just LOVE the design, I just ordered a hobby box. I'm wondering if anyone here collects either the base, insert, or auto/GU set of this product?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kessel_fan_87 View Post
    Thanks for the deal Card Bandit
    Thank you! I decided to take advantage of the low price that Blowout cards were selling these boxes for, they only had around 9 left and I bought 2, so 2 more boxes of Enforcers are headed my way!

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    Nice to see some other guys on this site getting into the Enforcers.
    I had a blast putting my sets together.
    I have all 39 Combatants
    Just recently got my last Probert to complete the 86 card autograph set.(almost a year to put it all together.)
    The short prints are hard to find Bob Probert auto is fetching more than most Bobby Orr auto's.

    Let me know what you decide to collect from the set. I have alot of spares up for grabs.
    (Autographs,Tough Franchise quad jerseys,Instigator jerseys and a few Combatants as well.
    If you like the fight straps I have a hand full of those as well (Bob Probert being one of them)
    Or if you are interested in trading yours
    I would make you a decent offer on the Kane fight strap.

    Good luck with your sets
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