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    i'll take a name as well bud.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MJFan View Post
    I am sorry to hear of your unfortunate circumstance with this guy. I do not think paypal will side with you in this case just based on what they have done in the past with similar cases. I have learned my lesson the hard way and now whenever paypal is involved, even when there is a gift payment, i use a trackable method.

    "He has now, threatened me twice on these boards. Once for negative feedback for a positive transaction and second a threat of being banned by a "MOD friend"

    This alone should get him a vacation from the site if you can forward the email correspondence to a Mod.
    Unfortunately there are still a LOT of people in the trading card world who feel they are "entitled" simply because they have a ample amount of feedback and they know how to use the system to their advantage such as what it appears he is doing with paypal. It is in all actuality a very small trading world as many of us are on several trading sites and know how to get the word out pretty fast so others are aware of people like this. His tactics are tantamount to "bullying" and he sounds like an idiot.
    Please send me his name and any other info you have on him such as his email address and paypal address so i can place him on my ignore list.

    The member being referred to is petulant to deal with while trading, and extremely short on manner, and for no good reason. It has nothing to do with their large feedback. The members attitude was this way when their feedback was under 50.

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    info please, my ignore list can use another...
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    I will join the line up and take a PM with the "other" trades info, my ignore list can handle another

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    I'll take a PM as well. Sounds like you were totally reasonable to me.
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    The next message from the buyer was the last contact we had made. He tells me that I need to watch my "tone" with him ( funny, as tone in text is basically impossible to interpretate ), and that if I didnt watch the way I spoke with him that he would get one of his admin friends to ban me.


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    PM me too please. Wait, was it me? Hang on.............nope. What is the MATTER with people????
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    That is very unfortunate. I would like to know who this is also.
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