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    Think I have dealt with this guy before after reading the excerpt below from your post. He responded to me with "Your suppose to mark the transaction complete the day of receving them and you couldnt even be bothered to use a clean and new bubble mailer.If you cant follow the rules on this site then maybe i will need to have some action taken on your account." Curious if it's the same person.

    "I respond to the member with - You have 500+ feedback here on SCF, I have 250+ feedback here .... this one transaction is not going to have any outcome as to how we are able to trade / buy / sell on these boards and that I would get around to it in the next little bit.

    This is where the member kind of goes off the deep end.

    I get a very nasty response, saying that ive now wasted more time replying to him that it would take for me to mark the trade as complete. That because of my tardy completion of feedback, when he was able to send feedback that he would make sure that it was going to be a negative one."
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    Sorry that you have to go through all this with this guy, I'll take his name also, thanks.
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    Hey all

    Thanks for the support.

    I think I have gotten around to everyone, if ive missed you please shoot me a PM ...... my inbox was so flooded it was like I was giving away a free Crosby Cup Rookie =P. I didnt want to double PM people as I see some people PMed me as well as posted here

    I will keep everyone updated with whats going on when I get more info.

    Thanks again
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    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
    The member being referred to is petulant to deal with while trading, and extremely short on manner, and for no good reason. It has nothing to do with their large feedback. The members attitude was this way when their feedback was under 50.
    seems to be chronic problem then with this person after your comments and reading the OP's original post and confirming it's the same person that I referenced in my prev post
    Trading for Steelers,Penguins,Pirates and ex Michigan players
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    Ill take a PM as well and its unfortunate that you need to deal with that.

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    PM me too please, Don't need to deal with someone like that.

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    Pm me if you get the time please. I dont wanna have to deal with someone like that

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