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    Theres something shady going on here, from a very distinguished member ( pp claim )

    Hello all,

    I need to rant.

    I know I cannot name names publicly, so if you wish please PM me and I will let you know who I am talking about.

    Heres the story .....

    About a month or so ago I made a sale thread. Made quite a few sales and happily spent my paypal on some PC stuff that came up on the bay.

    Now, I will be the 1st to tell you, that I am horrible with how quickly I leave feedback, especially if its with distinguished members here ( people that dont need the feedback to not send 1st ). Im sure its something I can improve on, but it sure is better than me waiting a week plus to get packages out .... leave people totally in the dark with potential sales / trades / purchases, or other infractions I ( and most ) would call biggies.

    Anyways, I made a sale to a member here, drew up the transaction thread and patiently waited for paypal. I waited about 48 hours and had not received a response to my PM about payment, yet the transaction had been confirmed. I PMed the member asking very politely when paypal would be sent. He told me it would be in by "X" day at noon. Fast forward to that day, 12:00, no payment yet. Fast forward a little more, 6:00PM, still no paypal. I checked my paypal account 1 more time that night before bed and I had gotten the payment, I know I know, its no biggie with less than a day more to wait but this will come into play later on.

    I get the members package out the very next day and move on.

    A day or so later, the member PMs me and says that he has sent paypal, and will leave feedback right when the package arrives, and that I should go ahead and mark the trade as completed on my end. Again, I know I should just go ahead and do it, but im lazy, I accumulate trades and complete them all / leave feedback for all once or twice a month ( again, unless its an under 20 feedback member needing his feedback to not have to send 1st ).

    I respond to the member with - You have 500+ feedback here on SCF, I have 250+ feedback here .... this one transaction is not going to have any outcome as to how we are able to trade / buy / sell on these boards and that I would get around to it in the next little bit.

    This is where the member kind of goes off the deep end.

    I get a very nasty response, saying that ive now wasted more time replying to him that it would take for me to mark the trade as complete. That because of my tardy completion of feedback, when he was able to send feedback that he would make sure that it was going to be a negative one.

    I basically reply to him, telling him not to be an idiot ..... that obviously my great communication as a seller while we were working out the deal for the cards he wanted and the fact that he got the cards within a week of paypal being sent .... should result in negative feedback? I told him that I had to wait 2 days for him, after he had confirmed the deal and had to ask when he would be sending payment. I got the answer that it would take a few more days for him to get the paypal, and that he had even missed the time and date that he had given me for payment of his purchase. I told him that I didnt hound him all this time while waiting for payment, and that he could wait a bit for feedback to be left.

    The next message from the buyer was the last contact we had made. He tells me that I need to watch my "tone" with him ( funny, as tone in text is basically impossible to interpretate ), and that if I didnt watch the way I spoke with him that he would get one of his admin friends to ban me.

    He has now, threatened me twice on these boards. Once for negative feedback for a positive transaction and second a threat of being banned by a "MOD friend"

    This is when I decided to get an admin involved. I PMed one of our admins, explaining what had happened and forwarding our conversations. The admin told me that I had nothing to worry about, that he had let the other member know that if anything other than positive feedback was left for this transaction that it would be removed and disciplinary action may be required. I was also ensured I would not be banned from SCF because of this.

    The other member then leaves confirmation that his end was received by completing his end of the transaction

    And thats that last ive heard of this mess on SCF ..............

    Fast forward to today ( Nov 20th ), a week or so after the transaction was confirmed as completed by the other member, I get a paypal claim ( "cards not received" ) .......... really? I made a few purchases today and didnt realize until I tried to make payment that my account was over drawn. I look to see who sent me this paypal claim, see the total ...... and instantly think of this tool. Look into it a bit more, and yup, exact same info here as on paypal. I reply to the claim, telling paypal that this guy is lying, that he had already confirmed his cards as received here, that I could prove that this paypal user and this SCF user was the same person and that I could get MODs to confirm that all the information I am giving them is the truth. I have also PMed the other member very politely asking him why he started the claim ( I assure you it took all my will power not to go off on him )

    And as of right now, thats where we stand ........ I cannot make payment for my ebay purchases until I have this cleared, as I have to get my account out of the red before I can make any other transactions.

    I also have so little faith in the paypal system, that im sure this guy will get away with it ..... as I did not send with tracking.

    Please please please ...... PM me or leave a comment so I can tell you who this idiot is ...... this guy has a huge amount of feedback, and I dont want this tool waste anyone elses time.

    Also, if anyone has had any success stories with paypal claims for packages sent without tracking, how did you win? I actually have confirmation from the other member that he received his cards, but will paypal even look at that as concrete evidence?

    Ive now talked to 2 MODs, and they have both told me this is the 1st time they have encountered a member filing a paypal claim after marking the sale as completed in the manager. Spite maybe? Possibly mad his empty threats got him in more trouble than they scared me? Problems at home maybe? Whatever the case ..... I warn you not to do any transactions with this member. If he gets away with this, its like getting caught stealing on camera, telling the person who caught him that he did steal ..... and still getting away with it.

    Ill keep you all updated with what happens next ........ thanks for staying with me till the end, I know its a long read =S
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    Im sorry but without a tracking you are really smoked... thats what i have been reading that its always the buyer paypal favors even if its clearly a crook they usually wins :(
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    Stephan please PM with who this member is. I know you and you are a great person to deal with. Very reasonable, pleasant, helpful, and all-round awesome. I know you are good so obviously the other member is being horrible!

    BTW I hope I spelled your name right. I look forward to dealing with you again. Would appreciate a reply to my last PM though.
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    Please pm me the users name also, I don't need to be selling to anybody who is going to get butt hurt and open claims for the heck of it.

    Not worth my time to deal with anybody like that.

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    Admin friends . Yippee. I'll take a name also please. Thanks

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    Sounds like this guy is "kind of a big deal" I'll take the name please!

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    I would also like the name, thanks
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    I am sorry to hear of your unfortunate circumstance with this guy. I do not think paypal will side with you in this case just based on what they have done in the past with similar cases. I have learned my lesson the hard way and now whenever paypal is involved, even when there is a gift payment, i use a trackable method.

    "He has now, threatened me twice on these boards. Once for negative feedback for a positive transaction and second a threat of being banned by a "MOD friend"

    This alone should get him a vacation from the site if you can forward the email correspondence to a Mod.
    Unfortunately there are still a LOT of people in the trading card world who feel they are "entitled" simply because they have a ample amount of feedback and they know how to use the system to their advantage such as what it appears he is doing with paypal. It is in all actuality a very small trading world as many of us are on several trading sites and know how to get the word out pretty fast so others are aware of people like this. His tactics are tantamount to "bullying" and he sounds like an idiot.
    Please send me his name and any other info you have on him such as his email address and paypal address so i can place him on my ignore list.
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