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    I am also saddened to hear that these kind of dealings occur but am not surprised. If it is any consolation, I had a deal on ebay go bad as the card bought was damaged. It was a foil card and had a few good gouges. The scan on the aution was small and the damage could not be seen easily. The listing said the card was NM and sold as is but made no mention of the sellers obvious knowledge of the damage. When I notified the seller that I wished a refund he told me I would get one when he received the card back. I mailed it the next day and being new to returning a card, did not get a confirmation of delivery. The seller also knew without it I had no claim and said he never got it back. I made a claim through ebay, who kept asking for the confirmation number and I kept telling them I was in such a hurry to return the card I didn't have one. Eventually I sent a nice message (really) stating that my feedback should reflect my dealings and that I understood their position due to no confirmation and at least I had learned a good lesson for $30. The point of this ramble is after a few days, I receieved an email saying they had decided in my favor. I was shocked but it isn't hopeless to get back your money, just difficult. Be thorough, polite and to the point when dealing with them and maybe you will have a positive outcome.

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    This is quite awful to hear. I would also like the name please, thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by MatsSundin13Rocks View Post
    The member in question is not going to have anyone to deal with after this and deserves it.
    Agreed. 500 feedback ain't worth jack if nobody wants to talk to you.

    I'll take a name as well, please. I've only been ripped off trading on the 'net twice, and I'd prefer to keep it that way.

    On the paypal thing - Unfortunately you're more than likely hosed. Unless policy has changed without my notice, they won't even accept the tracking number when sending an international package USPS 1st class (LJ xxx xxx xxx US) because it's not an electronic confirmation number. Gods forbid they actually have to make a phone call to do their job. It's part of the reason I sell so few cards on eBay - I had to stop shipping outside the US, and that's 85% of the market.

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    Please PM me the name as well, what a tool. Sorry to hear about this situation.

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    I would love a PM as well and it would be nice if you keep us updated on the status of the PayPal dispute.

    It's sad how some people have to behave this way, just another keyboard tough guy/or girl, hiding behind a keyboard and anonymity.

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    Are mods able to help you out here and provide documentation to paypal to prove your side of the story? Even if Paypal won't side with you, wonder if you could get in touch with the appropriate police e-crime division - this isn't one of those he-said / he-said things that are difficult to prove, if the other member confirmed he received his end of the bargain and is now making a Paypal claim, I would have to imagine that constitutes fraud. If you (perhaps with assistance from the mods) can provide the appropriate evidence to the local police and get a case file opened, and send that case file to the bad trader as well as Paypal, who knows, it might convince the trader to drop his paypal claim and/or help in the paypal case.

    Another possibility would be report it as fraud to your bank who's account is linked to your Paypal account - I've done this before when Dell overstepped their bounds and took more than they were authorized (they offered a discount if I paid via bank account instead of credit card, what a mess that was, but that's another story for another day)... the amount of money wasn't huge so the bank just offered to waive some fees that more than made up for the amount in dispute (probably cheaper for them than opening an official investigation), so they might do something similar for you - or if the amount is larger perhaps they'll assist you in your paypal and/or police reports.

    Let us know how it goes, I hope you buck the odds and prevail in the Paypal claim!

    When you've got a chance, I'll take the name via PM as well, I don't want anything to do with this individual either.
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    sorry to hear this. When you get time please pm this members name so i can add to the blocked list

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    Hey Steffen, sorry about the trouble, please pm me the name a well. I have an idea who it may be, curious if I am correct...

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