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    post it up!

    $1.25 AUTOGRAPH
    Daniel Gibson:06-07 Bowman Sterling RC

    Lebron James:03-04 UD Top Prospects #55 and #3

    Lebron James:06-07 UD Hardcourt
    Lebron James:07-08 SP
    Lebron James:06-07 Spx
    Lebron James:06-07 SP

    3 for $1:
    04 UD National Trading Card Day
    06-07 Topps
    06-07 UD the Lebrons #LBJ13
    08-09 Bowman
    07-08 Topps Full Court
    07-08 SP Rookie Edition
    07-08 Upper Deck 1st Edition
    07-08 Topps Trademark Moves
    07-08 UD Artifacts
    04-05 Fleer #140
    08-09 Skybox
    04-05 UD Prosigs
    06-07 Fleer
    04-05 Fleer Tradition Award Winner #210
    08-09 Topps Treasury

    Dirk Nowitzki: 99-00 Ultra GOLD MEDALLION
    Collecting LeBron James base, inserts, parallels, and GU!
    Also: Irving, Love, Thompson, Ilgauskas, Gibson, Varejao, and all Autos in Cavs uni (in that order).

    Also interested in Nowitzki Patch/GU/Low #d and anything in an Ohio State Uniform
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    updated list

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    updated list

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    updated list

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    Interested in all of these:

    Kenyon Martin:02-03 Upper Deck Honor Roll Signature Class ON CARD 1:480 packs $40

    Joe Johnson:02-03 Topps Ten ON CARD

    $2 JERSEY

    $1.50 AUTOGRAPH
    Alonzo Gee:09-10 UD Draft Edition/249
    Jeff Teague:09-10 UD Draft Edition/499

    A.J. Abrams /25

    $.50 EACH
    08-09 Topps Signature Style/869
    Magic Johnson
    Bill Russell
    Larry Bird

    08-09 Topps Signature Style/869
    Jerry West
    Dennis Rodman
    John Stockton
    Elgin Baylor
    John Havlicek
    Isaih Thomas

    Let me know if they're all still available. If so, go ahead and post it up for $22 DLVD, correct?
    Looking for:
    1996-97 e-X 2000 Kobe Bryant RC
    1997-98 Flair Row 1 & Row 0 Basketball
    1998-99 SPx Finite Baseball, Basketball, Football (Base, Radiance, Spectrum)
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    updated list

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    updated list

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    Please PM me with price delivered. Cash or Paypal whichever works for you.

    $3 JERSEY
    Dwyane Wade:07-08 Stadium Club Beam Team
    $2 JERSEY
    CARMELO ANTHONY:08-09 Hot Prospects
    CARMELO ANTHONY:06-07 Sweet Spot Sweet Swatches DUEL WITH NENE/199
    $1.50 JERSEY:
    Karl Malone:08 Bowman Sterling
    Rudy Gay:07 Press Pass Legends Saturday Swatches SN50 UCONN
    Evan Turner:12-13 Panini Threads Authentic Threads
    Jason Kidd:06-07 Bowman Elevation BOARD OF DIRECTORS Relic/49
    Josh Smith:06-07 Bowman TRIPLE RELIC SN50
    $1.25 Autos
    Ed Davis:11-12 HOOPS
    $1.25 JERSEY
    O.J. Mayo:09-10 Prestige Prestigious Picks SN100
    Larry Sanders;10-11 R and S LONGEVITY Dress for Success DUEL/299
    Larry Sanders:10-11 R and S FRESHMAN ORIENTATION/299
    David Lee:10-11 Donruss Production Line/399
    Deron Williams:07-08 Stadium Club BEAM TEAM
    Tony Parker:03-04 Upper Deck Triple Dimensions 3D SN999
    Amare Stoduemire/Shawn Marion:05-06 SPX Winning Combos
    Richard Hamilton:09-10 Court Kings Portraits SN49
    $1 JERSEY
    2007-08 SPx CHRIS BOSH Winning Materials jersey card
    2009-10 Studio CHRIS BOSH Skylines jersey card #'d 187/249
    2010-11 R&S Longevity PATRICK PATTERSON Freshman Orientation dual jersey card #'d 166/299
    Josh Smith:05-06 Upper Deck Rookie Debut Sizzling Swatches
    Josh Smith:07-08 Bowman Relics
    Josh Smith/Marvin Williams:07-08 SPX Winning Materials DUEL
    Carmelo Anthony:03-04 Topps RC x2
    95 Topps Embossed
    Danny Granger:04-05 Finest XRC/599
    Chris Paul:05-06 Hoops RC x3
    Stephen Curry:09-10 Upper Deck Short print#234 x2
    DWYANE WADE:09-10 Prestige Bonus Shots PAR. SN300
    Deron Williams:05-06 Topps 52 Style x2rc
    $.50 EACH
    Danny Granger:05-06 Topps Chrome RC
    Chris Bosh:03-04 Upper Deck #304
    Stephen Curry:09-10 Prestige #157
    95-96 Upper Deck #23
    93-94 Topps #23
    92-93 Upper Deck #23
    93-94 Skybox Jordan VS Drexler Showdown Series
    93-94 Stadium Club #169, #181, #1
    98-99 UD IONIX #3
    92-93 Stadium Club Members Choice #210
    93-94 Ultra #30
    98-99 Black Diamond #13
    David Lee:05-06 topps RC x4
    93-94 Ultra Famous Nicknames
    99-00 Flair Showcase Elevators
    93-94 Ultra Inside/Outside
    95-96 fleer Total D
    95-96 Ultra Double Trouble
    99-00 Topps Chrome Back2Back
    93-94 Ultra inside/outside x2
    Rudy Gay:06-07 Finest
    Ray Allen:96-97 Hoops x2
    Rudy Gay:06-07 Fleer x2, 06-07 Fleer Rookie Sensations x2, 06-07 Topps Turkey, 06-07 Bowman x2,06-07 FINEST x2
    $.25 EACH or 5 for $1 2011-12 SPA
    Klay Thompson x2
    $.25 each SHAQ
    93-94 Skybox Showdown Series W/Patrick Ewing
    94-95 Fleer Young Lion #5 of 6
    94-95 SP Championship Series DIE CUT Parallel
    99-00 Topps Chrome Instant Impact
    96 Upper Deck USA Career Stats Diecut #SP 5
    05-06 Bowman Gold Parallel
    93-94 UD Electric Court Parallel

    Monta Ellis CollectionHidden Content

    Long Gone Hidden Content

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    updated list

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    updated list

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