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    Wink WTTF: Deron Williams and Brook Lopez!

    Looking for those guys I listed in the title. I recently got a few more cards in my bucket so CMB and tell me what you like!

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    05-06 Bazooka 170 Deron Williams
    05-06 Topps 223 Deron Williams x2
    05-06 Upper Deck Rookie Debut #113 Deron Williams x2
    05-06 Bazooka Mini 170 Deron Williams

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    do you need base lots as well?
    Concentrating on Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen in USA Team Uniforms...

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    LMK if you like these and we can talk trade...thanks!

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    Can use your Brandon Jennings Choice Blue auto

    Got these very nice D.Williams:

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    I have these that you might be interested in.
    Deron Williams

    As well as this nice Coby Fleener

    And a really nice looking Brook Lopez Relic

    PLMK which interest you. Thanks!


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    Please pm me if you can use any of the following. Ignore the numbers in front they are from my trade list.
    21. Brook Lopez 10-11 gold standard auto #36 94/99 one cornea has some wear.
    37. Deron Williams 07-08 SP game used signifance auto #SI-DW
    Game used and patches
    2. Deron Wiliams 09-10 Absolute Memorabilia 2 color patch #15 24/25
    26. Deron Williams 10-11 Donruss production line gu #43 180/399
    36. Deron Williams 10-11 limited banner season gu #19 42/99

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