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    Card Sites with Black Firday Deals?

    I know blowout and D&A has them.....anywhere else?


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    COMC has a deal going on, I received something in the mail, an email, and it's on the site here. Free shipping Friday-Monday, and get $.10 for each purchase you make on Friday.

    I know I'll be putting in a huge order on Friday to take advantage of the free shipping. The shipping is what gets me all of the time from there.

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    We are having a Black Friday Sale. 20% off on all items in our store. 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

    Link to my site is in my sig.


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    I just bought some stuff from DCSSportscards
    Forgot I bought something from them in the past so they sent me a Black Friday e-mail.....

    Picked up a box of 2012 Certified for $80
    And Prominence for $70

    To me it's even better than the stuff from the big sites tomorrow, because those were 2 products I've actually wanted to buy and bust. I'll take newer products $10-20 off over getting worked into a frenzy, updating pages, and winding up with some $40 boxes just to get something, and it winds up older product I don;t even particularly want.

    *Edit - Didn't realize Blowout had cut the prices on these two again.....Either way I saved a few bucks and they were the two products I wanted.
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    COMC has the free shipping with a purchase of 10+ cards. I have a cart of 140 cards, free shipping is needed for that purchase. Just wish I had remembered my checklist of 1986 Topps to make it an even better deal.

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    Dang it, I wish I had taken advantage of the COMC free shipping. Their shipping and processing charges are what makes it cost a ton to pick up commons.

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