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    Jesse Jackson Jr. resigned his seat in Congress on Wednesday

    Jesse Jackson Jr. resigned his seat in Congress on Wednesday after an extended leave of absence and news of a widening federal probe into the alleged misuse of campaign funds.

    House Speaker John Boehner's office confirmed to multiple media outlets that Jackson's resignation letter had been received.

    News outlets reported on Wednesday morning that the Illinois Democrat had canceled a morning conference call with staff for fear of media eavesdropping. Then Jonathan Jackson, Jackson's brother, told the Chicago Tribune a resignation was imminent.

    Jesse Jackson's office didn't immediately respond to Yahoo News' request for comment on Wednesday.

    Recent reports indicate that a federal probe into an alleged misuse of campaign funds has widened. Some sources have suggested Jackson's resignation would be part of a plea deal.

    The timing of Jackson's resignation means he will not be sworn in for the new term beginning in January. A special election will be held for his seat.
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    Shocking that a criminal from Chicago resigned....It was reported last week that he wasn't going to resign unless he would get his pension he "earned"
    jlzinck EVERYWHERE.

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